LHC Sponsored Events

This requirement is intended to encourage students to explore the rich cultural events available on this campus as an enhancement of their educational experience. To this end, the honors college requires that all freshmen attend at least four Lee Honors College-sponsored events during their first year and two in their sophomore year. Transfer students are required to attend two Lee Honors College-sponsored events during their first year as an honors student. Any non-transfer student who fails to attend and present a Bronco ID at four sponsored events by the end of their first year will not be in good standing with the honors college. Failure to attend and present a Bronco ID at the required number of honors college sponsored events by the end of the second year will result in dismissal from the Lee Honors College. Mark your calendars and plan to attend as many of these as possible!


Thesis Celebration
Wednesday, Dec. 3 to Friday, Dec. 5. Lee Honors College classrooms
Come watch fellow honors college students defend their honors theses! See what it will be like to defend your thesis while supporting your peers. Below is the presentation schedule:

Dec. 3
Time Room Student Chair Thesis Title
10 a.m. 1022 Sara Kaliszak Dr. Cindy Linn Neuroprotective effects of Retinal Ganglion cells by specific alpha 7 nicotine acetylcholine receptor agonists and an acetylcholineesterase inhibitor
Dec. 4
Time Room Student Chair Thesis Title
11 a.m. 1022 Melissa Rex Ann Chaplean An Examination of the Mental Health Services Provided to Students at Western Michigan University
4 p.m. Lounge Sarah Kidd Richard Katrovas Each Moment a Poem
6 p.m. LL 1014 Kelsey Wright Dr. Maureen Mickus Sensor Technology for Supporting Independence Among Cognitively Impaired Elders
Dec. 5
Time Room Student Chair Thesis Title
9 a.m. 1024 Joseph Silver Dr. Brian Gogan WIDR FM’s Constitution: Restatement, Revision, and Analysis of Genre
2 p.m. 1024 Alexandria Alarcon Dr. Brian Gogan Contextualizing Judicial Activism in the Federal Supreme Court
4 p.m. Lounge Kalani Bates Dr. Lynne Heasley One Man’s Fakelore is Another Man’s Treasure: A Case Study of Paul Bunyan and the Legend of the Sleeping Bear, and the Value of Fakelore in an Interconnected World
6 p.m. 1024 Patrick Hargis Dr. Sharon Carlson Western at War: Western Michigan College During World War II
6 p.m. 1022 Alyssa Murray Dr. Nicholas Andreadis The Impact of Prenatal Stress on the Development of Limbic System Structures

Lyceum Lecture
Wednesday, Dec. 3, noon to 1 p.m. Lee Honors College Lounge
Disability, Handicap, Disorder, Impairment: Global Perspectives
Shaila M. Rao, Ph.D. Special Education and Literacy Studies

Mix It Up: Stress Reduction Seminar
Thursday, Dec. 4, 7 to 8 p.m. Lee Honors College Lounge
Come learn how to manage your stress in a healthy, constructive way! Light refreshments will be provided.

Mix It Up: Yoga Class
Thursday, Dec. 4, 7-8 p.m. Lee Honors College, room 1024
Jane Baas, Associate Dean of the Lee Honors College, will be teaching a restorative yoga class. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes and bring a yoga mat or towel. Class is limited to 20 people.


Lyceum Lecture Series Fall 2014: Engaged Global Citizenship
Wednesdays, Fall Semester 2014 (noon to 1 p.m. in the LHC Lounge)
The lecture series, titled “Global Citizenship,” provides perspectives from a wide range of faculty and staff in various programs across campus. Brown bag lunches are welcome. See below for details.


Mix It Up!
Mix It Up programs take place every Thursday evening (usually at 7 p.m.) and include parties, movie nights, special guests, thesis workshops, research assistance and more! Plan to keep Thursday nights free and make Mix it Up part of your weekly routine. The next Mix it Up takes place on Thursday, Dec. 4. See below for information on each week’s program.

mix it up

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