Spring and summer 2016

The Black experience from the beginning to 1865, is a spring 2016 course offering instructed by Dr. Mariam Konate.

African Studies Spring 2016 Course Flier One 

The Skilled Observer in Art, Science and Engineering will be offered Tuesdays in spring 2016.



Authentic Leadership will be offered on Wednesdays in spring 2016.

Authentic Leadership

The Texas Tour: A Corporate, Culture and Service Learning Venture Deep into the Heart of Texas, spring 2016
Participate in this course as part of the Study in the States program. This trip includes a Spring Break trip to Texas and day trips during the semester in the Midwest. Learn more with this flier.

SOC 4950: The Innocence Project, spring 2016
(This course does not count as honors credit)
Students will explore the factors common in wrongful convictions, such as police and prosecutorial misconduct, plea bargaining, eyewitness misidentification, false confessions, the use of jailhouse informants, unreliable forensic evidence, ineffective assistance of counsel and the impact of race on these processes. Learn more with this flier.

WMU Higher Education Study Abroad to Malaysia/Singapore, summer 1
This course focuses on higher education and culture in Malaysia and Singapore. The trip is open to graduate students; others, including non-degree and upper level/advanced undergraduate juniors and seniors, should contact the program director, Dr. Ramona Lewis. For more information or to apply, click here: https://broncosabroad.international.wmich.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.SimpleSearch and search for “Malaysia or Singapore.”

Applications will be accepted on a revolving basis with limited (8-10) spots available.

If you are not a HESA student you may wish to meet with Dr. Ramona Lewis regarding your interest. You may also contact Ms. Sakhi Vyas in the Study Abroad office at sakhi.vyas@wmich.edu.

Climate Change Studies Minor
Did you know that you can now minor in Climate Change Studies? View this fact sheet or the catalog information to learn more.

ENGL 2070, Special Topics: Islam, Art, & the Novel
(This course does not count as honors credit)
This course fulfills the World Literature requirement for the secondary education major, one of the English requirements for the minor in World Literature, or an elective for any major or minor that has a literature elective requirement. Learn more with this flier. Interested students should contact Holly Ledbetter at elizabeth.h.ledbetter@wmich.edu, for more information.

Summer 2016
Russian Literature and Culture Study Abroad


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