Community Service – Week of April 24

Any opportunity listed on this website can be used to meet the honors college volunteer requirement. If you’re looking for an off-campus opportunity, is always a wonderful resource.

Disability Services for Students:
Disability Services for Students (DSS) is looking for volunteers April 24 to 28 to proctor, read and scribe for exams at the Bernhard Center. Contact Jayne Fraley for details. Volunteers are also needed at the DSS main office. Contact Jennifer Lawson to sign up.

The Humane League
Kudos to honors student Molly Smucker for helping to raise awareness on campus through her internship with The Humane League regarding concerns about the way animals are treated in our current food system. Earlier this month she asked students to take a few minutes out of their day to watch a video of a factory farm investigation. In return, she paid them one dollar. Many students felt moved to take action and donated their dollar back to Molly so that more students could be reached and educated.

pay per view table march 28


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